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Woman's Eye I at Aspire Auction

There was a great turnout for The Woman’s Eye I artcrawl held in Hyde Park Corner at Aspire’s Winter Auction in Joburg. It is focused on sight and looking from a female perspective. Mary Corrigall first chatted to Emma Bedford, one of the art specialists at Aspire and asked her about her experience as a female curator, director in the art world and whether female artists have been sidelined. Minnette Vári then joined Corrigall in a discussion about the use of her body in her practice and her thoughts on Marina Abramovic's work, Golden Mask, on the auction. Diane Victor addressed the varying positions of the female subjects in two very different works on the auction - Daphne and an untitled work featuring an ageing woman trying to bolster her appearance. Jessica Webster was the focus of the last segment of the crawl, expanding on the ways that women quietly and subtly oppress each other through banal exchanges. The crawl ended with drinks and snacks at the venue.


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