Curators are rarely the prism through which insights into the art market are derived. However, the limitations curators have faced – namely, an absence of platforms and sustained institutional resistance to decolonial narratives – have driven them to reconfigure, adapt the ecosystem.  

The Underline show, taking place at the Museum of African Design during this art fair weekend in Joburg, presented the work of 12 curators.

Mary Corrigall gave an informal talk, detailing how a generation of curators were driven to fill discursive and structural absences. 

Filling the Gaps:

Curating as a reponse

ON October 7 (2018) at Somerset House Mary Corrigall gave the first public presentation of some of the findings detailed in Corrigall & Co's inaugural art report.  It is the first to map the contemporary African art ecosystem. With a decade long overview, the report shows why, how and where African art has gained visibility via curators. 

Introduction to the Contemporary African Art Ecosystem

What conditions and which African tastemakers and artists have been driving this veritable boom in African contemporary art? Following a lecture by Mary Corrigall on Saturday February 16, is a panel discussion with Tokini Peterside, director of Art X Lagos art fair, Emma Menell director of London’s Tyburn gallery, Owen Martin, chief curator at the Norval Foundation (pictured above) and Matthew Partridge, contemporary specialist at the auction house.

Understanding the Contemporary African art boom

Despite their international acclaim many artists from beyond SA's borders are unknown to locals. What informs this cultural myopia? This is the topic of a discussion hosted by the Franschhoek Literary Festival on May 19. Emma Bedford, senior art specialist at Aspire Art Auctions, and, Patrick Bongoy, an artist from the DRC, will join Mary Corrigall in a discussion mediated by radio personality
Tamara Le Pine-Williams.

Are South Africans ready to engage with art from Africa?

Who or what conditions, sectors in the contemporary African art ecosystem confer validation?Hosted by Strauss & Co on Thursday April 11,  the lecture by Mary Corrigall will be followed by a panel discussion with Thembinkosi Goniwe, independent curator, artist, writer, academic, and Christopher Till, director of the Javett Art Centre.

How does contemporary African art gain value?

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