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Contemporary African Art Ecology: A Decade of Curating


The last decade was a defining one for the spread and increase of contemporary art from Africa.  Curating has played a crucial role in raising visibility and creating platforms for art and validating it in the global and local contexts. It is through a study of the work of the Top 20 African curators from 2007 to 2017 that this report delivers insights into the art ecology that has evolved through their work. 


It is a quantitative and qualitative report focused on an analysis of the impact and patterns in curating  over the last decade across the continent and world pertaining to contemporary art from Africa. It includes;


  • An analysis of over 200 exhibitions

  • Identifying 20 of the most influential African curators 

  • Over 30 interviews with industry experts from curators, museum directors, biennale directors, art fair directors, art auction house specialists, artists, gallerists from around the world who are shaping this sphere

  • A list of 10 of the most validated artists 

  • The most important art events on and off the continent 

  • The dominant thematics driving expression and exhibitions

Gallerists, curators, artists, art organisations, collectors, art fair organisers, dealers and auction-house specialists will be able to use the report to gain insight into;

  • Who is driving the expansion of this field

  • Where or if there is a centre of African art

  • The most evolved African art capitals

  • Where and how art in this category is validated

  • Institutional limitations - gaps in the 'ecosystem'

  • Overlooked possibilities

  • Future directions in the development of art on the continent

Details: 157 Page Publication

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