There are few contemporary art specialists in South Africa who are able to offer unbiased appraisals of artworks. Drawing on an extensive database of prices in the primary and secondary artmarkets in South Africa and elsewhere (pertaining to African contemporary art)combined with her thorough understanding of the art-market and how positioning in the ecosystem informs value, Mary Corrigall is able to deliver comprehensive evaluations of artworks. 

These services include;


  • Assessing the appropriate value of an artwork prior to acquisition - either in a gallery exhibition, art fair context or auction.

  • Evaluating what an artwork might fetch on the secondary market and which auction house, in which country and which sale this outcome would be most beneficial. 

  • Evaluating the artwork with regards to the artist's status.

  • Identifying the institutional records (museum collections) pertaining to the artist, and value in relation to other works produced by the artist.

  • An analysis of secondary and primary market records.

  • Assessing the artwork's social and aesthetic value.

  • Advising on whether the artwork should be sold or purchased.

  • Discovering its value within the context of the client's interests or collection.

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Consultations : artists, galleries, art fairs and collectors.
Data-driven art reports on the contemporary African art market.
Evaluations of contemporary artworks.
Art tourism. 

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