Joburg Art Fairs 2019

 The art fairs that took place in Joburg, South Africa, in September this year were the most talked about and anticipated. Instead of one fair in September, Joburgers, visitors and collectors could experience two in close proximity to each other.  The Joburg Art Fair had changed hands and its new name, Art Joburg, coincided with a comprehensive  restructuring that shifted its identity.  This gave rise to a fringe fair, Latitudes, which tailored to the needs left unaddressed by this new ‘exclusive’ fair.  

These two new fairs presented a maturing and evolution in the South African art ecosystem worth investigating in a shorter more instant format rather than a longer length report in the manner of Corrigall & Co’s two previous reports

This 27 Page report includes the following;

  • How new ownership of Art Joburg came about and impacted on its restructured format. 

  • The distinguishing characteristics of Art Joburg & Latitudes

  • The politics driving inclusion and exclusion (of galleries) at both fairs

  • Pricing patterns at the art fairs

  • The ground-level experiences of both fairs

  • The buyers - were they new?  Gallerists share their opinions

  • Sales - were they good? Gallerists share their experiences 

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