One-on-one consultations assisting new, established, corporate or museum collectors in growing, evolving their collection of contemporary African art works. Mary Corrigall is able to assess the value of a collection, identify gaps, young artists, or thematic concerns to deepen its social or artistic import. 

Drawing from her journalistic and academic background Corrigall & Co produces reports offering insight into the contemporary African art market.  Reports include information regarding popular themes, shifts in the business of art, the new players and consumer trends. 

Corrigall offers galleries, museums and artists assistance in identifying their core values, relaying those to the press, public and art world via variety of different texts and channels

Artist Consultations

Artists seeking feedback or an engaged dialogue regarding their practice, or a body of evolving work, are able to book studio visits with Mary Corrigall. 

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Data-driven art reports on the contemporary African art market
Evaluations of contemporary artworks
Consultations and strategies for artists, galleries, art fairs and collectors