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Art specialists in various art capitals in Africa and in Cape Town assist with collecting the hard data.


Corrigall & Co make use of software and programmes that process and analyse the data, arriving at graphs and figures.


Each report relies on comprehensive interviews with a wide selection of art specialists from Africa, Europe, US


 African-based art writers, and/or specialists compile annual reports about their art capital

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We are keen to explore what we think we know about contemporary African art and test this against factual data.


Our art reports are the product of constructing a ‘bridge’ between researched facts, opinion and insight. This has depended on the bridging of traditional (academic and journalistic), visual (graphs and infographics) and new technological epistemological tools to gather and digest large amounts of complex information.

The hard irrefutable data surrounding exhibitions – dates, biographical and geographical data – form the fixed balanced quantities that ground the report and our insights, while providing the veritable bridge to the less stable factors, such as the opinions of the experts we’ve interviewed and our on-the- ground reporters.

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