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Top 50 Artists & the Top 20 Curators who validated them

This report is an abridged version of our inaugural 2018 report, Contemporary African Art Ecology: A Decade of Curating.  The focus is on identifying African artists that have repeatedly attracted institutional validation over a ten year period (2007 to 2017). It is an objective list of artists whom Africa's top 20 curators have been consistently interested in, presenting their art in numerous exhibitions over a decade.  

This report will assist collectors, curators, gallerists, art fair directors in identifying artists who have been fundamental to the contemporary African art narrative and visibility of it on prominent platforms. Some of the artists listed have not enjoyed market interest despite their impressive CVs.

This 72 Page report includes the following;

  • A list of the most high-profile African curators

  • Their motivations, core interests and key projects are detailed

  • Analysis of the Top 20 African curators exhibition practice leads to identifying the Top 50 artists 

  • The artists are categorised into tiers, revealing their popularity or the extent of validation they have enjoyed

  • Their mediums, core interests are captured

  • Brutal facts on the 35 most validated artists reveals where they come from and what mediums they prefer

  • Future outlook with regards to validation in this field

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