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1 / Introduction

  • Methodology

  • List of art specialists

  • Introduction to definitions and terms

3 / The Politics of Curating

  • Brutal facts about the top 20 African curators

  • Insights into what these facts reveal about the status of curating

  • Art experts share their opinions on racial, museum and gender politics in curating/exhibition practice

5 / Future Outlook/Focussed Insights

  • Drawing from our analysis of the data, interviews with our experts we gather recurring insights into the African contemporary Art world.

  • We list how this report should inform future behaviours

  • We identify future trends 

2 / Top African Curators

  • A list of the most high-profile African curators

  • Their motivations, core interests and key projects are detailed

4 / The Top 50
Validated Artists

  • Analysis of the Top 20 African curators exhibition practice leads to identifying the Top 50 artists 

  • The artists are categorised into tiers, revealing their popularity or the extent of validation they have enjoyed

  • Their mediums, core interests are captured

  • Brutal facts on the 35 most validated artists reveals where they come from and what mediums they prefer

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