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Goldblatt: the home interview circa 2008

"David Goldblatt has a discreet presence. A habitual observer of South African society, it seems appropriate that his physical attendance is understated. I follow his diminutive and wiry frame, which is concealed under a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, to a cluttered study at the back of his Fellside, Johannesburg home. The passing of time has taken its toll on Goldblatt; his back is faintly curved and his face is suitably leathered and lined for a 77-year-old. However, his gleaming, cerulean eyes speak of a mind still actively consuming, engaging and interpreting the world.

It is through these crystal blue eyes that this distinguished South African photographer has been surveying reality to reveal the nuances inherent to the South African consciousness since the 1950s.

Exploited miners toiling under the earth, national monuments, Afrikaans society,municipal bigwigs,the subjectmatter of Goldblatt’s oeuvre has always been highly politicised but it is not politics per se that he represents.

“I am concerned with the polis, the people,” he says." excerpt from my 2008 interview published in The Sunday Independent,


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