Morland, Gaigher & Botha

Kyle Morland's new exhibition Assemble at Blank Projects did not disappoint. He hinted that he had been experimenting and indeed he is; the exhibition presented a few works in different materials and revealed a different kind of visual language at play. As with Glitch (pictured above) there are a number of sculptures that appear like they are covers, boxes, packaging for work concealed beneath. In this way the thing we want see is being withheld, though the 'covers' are compelling. As such Morland allows us the space to dream beyond the 'sculpture' and imagine what could lie 'beneath it' so to speak. The only unfortunate thing about this show is the gallery itself - too small for all this new work. Either Morland ought to get signed up to a gallery with bigger spaces - more clout too - or Blank Projects needs to move - is it really a project space? It is a commercial gallery with a strong stable of artists, probably some of the best in Cape Town and perhaps it needs to own that identity spatially.

Another Morland, this one is called Nude

Morland's Bind. Could be a favourite too...

Jeanne Gaigher's exhibition Weig at Smith, was another highlight of my #artcrawl this week. Since I first encountered her work at the Joburg Art Fair last year - Smith dedicated their stand to her - I have been addicted to her aesthetic. This, her second exhibition at the g