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Nyandoro, Takadiwa & Van Schalkwyk

At least once a week I do an art crawl and Instagram works. Here is what I took a look at this week. It was all about texture and colour.

Gareth Nyandoro at Smac Gallery, Cape Town. He is trying to be a little like El Anatsui with his draped is-it-a-canvas-or-a-textile artwork that drags on the floor. However, this artwork above is absolutely INCREDIBLE. You have to see it to believe it, he has cut lines into the canvas, pulling it up. Too good. This may be why he won an award this week. The FT/Oppenheimer Emerging Artist Award I think it is called. 'Emerge this' people.

Another super talented Zimbabwean artist Moffat Takadiwa showing Plastic Smile at Whatiftheworld Gallery. I call this kind of work cynical Afro-Pop. Makes me smile.

Step to one side Zander Blom there is another quirky abstract artist on the scene. I like Jaco Van Schalkwyk; he is a nice unpretentious guy and his textured impasto abstract works at David Krut Cape Town are cool even if they are purple and green. Would be nice to see bigger gallery pick him up... any takers?


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