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building art collections

What is contemporary art?

The 40 odd galleries around South Africa and those dotted on the continent all claim to be selling it.  Art fairs are full of all manner of artworks. As the contemporary South African art scene has grown it has become more difficult to navigate, even for art insiders. Never has more art been produced. New galleries catering for different audiences and promoting new artists keep opening their doors. What of it is worth collecting, what should you be paying for it - some galleries are charging inflated prices?


How do you begin to start collecting contemporary African art?

Art critic, commentator, consultant and curator Mary Corrigall has been closely observing the South African art scene for over 15 years. Not only has she charted and critiqued developments, winning various awards for her insight and eloquence, but she has had a hand in many artist’s success. She continues to work in this capacity, however, she wishes to share her knowledge with prospective art buyers who want to get a foot into the art world but are unsure where to begin or wish to build on an existing collection or interest in art. Collecting art is no longer the preserve of the ultra rich, or those in the know.  These days there are galleries and fairs selling art at different price points.


Collecting art is now accessible to anyone

If you know what qualities, names, or art movements are rising you can make shrewd investments that could pay dividends. Through walkabouts, art tours and one-on-one consultations Mary Corrigall is sharing her knowledge and expertise with novice collectors, busy executives, foreign visitors or curators. Collecting art is not a one-size fits all activity; as such Corrigall takes into consideration each collector, curator’s interests, world-view, personality and budget in making recommendations.


Start collecting art now!

Find out about the next workshop or art tour in your city or to make an appointment

Join Mary Corrigall for a walkabout of the Turbine Art Fair, July 15, July 16, 2016

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