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Communication Workshop for galleries

Communicating with the press and directly with the public via emails, newsletters, websites and social media is an essential part of running a gallery, museum or art institution.  Yet most South African galleries aren't aware how to format information to send to the press or disseminate insufficient information about their exhibition and public programmes, art fair offerings and landmark events.  Pictures without informative texts, generic texts without images or dense artspeak and vague statements can alienate and limit audiences and create the wrong impression about your space.   Drawing from her 15 years experience as an art journalist Mary Corrigall has created workshops to assist in engendering an awareness and mastery of different text forms. She also addresses creating an online presence via multiple social media platforms with a view to generating sales, growing and speaking to your audience(s). 

How do you communicate with the public and press in the digital-age? 

Workshop Content



  • One-on-one tuition at your gallery

  • Half-day workshop R4900

  • Full-day workshop R6900

  • Weekly installment workshop over a month R2225 per 2 hour session

  • Follow-up crits; written feedback and editing of communications campaigns after workshops: R1850

  • Workshops are tailored to your gallery's specific needs, brand and place in the art market


Advance bookings only

*R500 extra per additional participant

Weekly sessions only available to Cape Town based galleries, museums

  •  How to contact the press

  • Generating different kinds of texts 

  • Identifying your audience(s)?

  • Tailoring information

  • Navigating the Digital world

  • Website texts

  • Aligning all texts with your brand and audience(s)

  • Characteristics of social media platforms 

  • Images as 'texts' and 'texts' for images

  • Your Bio

  • How to generate content

  • Attracting followers

  • Affirming your values across communication platforms

  • Running social media advertising campaigns



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