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The South African Art Capitals:

Pricing & Value Patterns

Expected release: March 2019



Analysis of prices in the first quarter of 2018 exhibitions in South Africa.

Other features:

  • Identifying artists who demand the highest prices.

  • Identifying average prices of works by emerging artists/mid-career artists’ work

  • Tracing influences on value of art in these capitals

  • Presenting the thematic trends of 2018

  • Idiosyncratic features of the Cape Town and Joburg art eco-systems

African Art Fairs:

Understanding Collectors

Release date: July 2019


Analysis of art fairs dedicated to African Contemporary Art.

Other Features:

  • Identifying the most popular art fairs for Contemporary African Art

  • Comparison of the fairs catering for this category

  • Identifying the criteria each fair applies

  • Identifying the types of collectors and patterns in each fair

  • Identifying other international fairs finding favour with African focused galleries


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Consultations : artists, galleries, art fairs and collectors.
Data-driven art reports on the contemporary African art market.
Evaluations of contemporary artworks.
Art tourism. 

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