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1 / Introduction

  • Methodology

  • List of art specialists

  • Introduction to definitions and terms

3 / Influences on Value of Contemporary Art

  • Tangible & Intangible influences on value of art are listed

  • Leading galleries in South Africa are classified according to their status

  • An artist classification scheme determining position in the ecosystem is presented

  • Analysis & Expert opinions

5 / Future Outlook/Focussed Insights

  • Drawing from our analysis of the data, interviews with our experts we speculate and the outlook for the South African art market and the expected growth or contraction in each of its art capitals. 

2 / The Gallery Landscape

  • Art Ecosystem Map of
    Cape Town & Joburg

  • Defining features of each art capital

  • Exhibition Patterns 2018

  • Analysis & Expert opinions

4 / The Price of contemporary art 

  • Prices of art for sale in South Africa during 2018 are presented via gallery and artist classification schemes

  • Prices for art offered at African art fairs in 2018 are analysed in juxtaposition to prices in the exhibition circuit

  • Prices for contemporary art in the secondary market in 2018 are analysed. 

  • List of artists demanding the highest prices for art in 2018 in South Africa are listed.

  • List of artists selling the most contemporary works at auctions in South Africa are listed. 

  • Is African art too cheap? We weigh in on this perennial question.

  • Analysis & Expert opinions

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