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It is a themed curated walking and talking tour that weaves in and out of galleries and artist studios. it is led and curated by Mary Corrigall, an award winning art commentator and consultant, who has been sharing her insights on contemporary African art for over a decade. The concept grew out of her weekly rounds of art galleries, which she dubbed crawls. 

Each crawl is designed to unpack a particular thread in contemporary art; whether it be eco-feminism or working with found materials. Themes are responsive to the content of exhibitions, artworks or modes of practice. She introduces the theme, gives some historical context to it, which gives guests some insight into historical art movements and how they coincide with social change.


Guests are led on the walking ‘crawl’ around different venues, galleries, artist studios or artworks (if it is located at a single venue). The crawls are artist-centric and conversational. Up to three artists are selected to talk about their work and address how it relates to the set theme.


The crawls are social events; they bring art lovers or aspiring art groupies together for a fun and interactive morning or evening event, which concludes in drinks, lunches or dinners at quirky art-centric places. 

audience feedback:

"The verbal interaction between a well prepared Mary and the three artists in conversation about their lives and art was fascinating. It was a mesmerising experience to be in these artists' studios and hear about their lives and work. Their engagement with the built environment, that they have witnessed and see through eyes close to the ground on skateboards and blades make their visions and art particularly interesting. Mary led each conversation (and the general discourse) with great skill, humour and humility. Her own interpretation and thorough understanding of the artists and art in general enriched the experience, and for me it was a thoroughly enjoyable and unforgettable outing. I look forward to the next one," Rosalie Kingwill, Abstacted I artcrawl, December 2017

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